An Explanation of the consequences of the web on Me

An Explanation of the consequences of the web on Me


*Insert in this article a shocking, and, when away of context, ridiculously funny, semi-clever subject of a pornographic video tutorial you can find conveniently located after typing a string of thoughts describing whatever they could fancy in the Google search bar* That previous sentence could have been condensed considerably had I just created such a subject myself, but you check out, my pornophobia has avoided me from seeking online inspiration, and in cases like this, I regret to see that I'm drawing blanks. Oh, the internet, a relaxing, informational and educational oasis, a vile village of shocking articles that you could never possibly fathom, a subway path in NEW YORK, connecting the butcher to the florist and the florist to a potential romantic spouse whose ironically allergic to pollen but looks "simply darling in his picture of him behind the counter at Starbucks producing a chai tea latte."

This World Wide Web has led to many things, positive and negative, but I, a middle income, straight, white feminine, am here to describe the Internet's effect on myself, with the expectations that my audience will pay attention, because this classification of myself appears ridiculously mundane, and because I understand that I unwittingly have


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