An Analysis of the type of Mr. Mersalt in The Stranger

An Analysis of the type of Mr. Mersalt in The Stranger

"It's been explained that Camus '…was haunted with the idea that our world

is a universe which has no place for all of us, where our life makes no

sense…" The Stranger displays this philosophy in an array of ways. Mr.

Meursalt may be the main character. He appears to are in his own world, socializing

with others, however, not caring too deeply in what happens in his existence. For

example, when his mom died, his thoughts had been, "Mom died today. Or,

maybe yesterday; I can not be sure" (Pp. 1) He didn't have any extreme

feelings about her death; he just simply accepted it and made the decision that's was what was

supposed to happen. He kept himself occupied indulging himself in creature comforts

like smoking, drinking, and sex. His girlfriend, Marie, sought him to marry her,

and his reply was that if she wished to get married they might. His reflections

about it were, "Marie came that night time and asked me if I'd marry her. I

said I didn't head; if she was thinking about it, we'd get wedded." (Pp. 52) He

didn't seem to be to care one


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